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Industrial Hygiene and Safety

AEI provides cost effective  industrial hygiene  and safety services to clients in the manufacturing, commercial, and hazardous waste industries.

We help clients comply with OSHA regulations through preparation and review of required written programs and plans and training of employees in safe work practices and procedures.  Our professionals assess potential chemical, biological, noise and ergonomic hazards in the workplace and provide cost effective exposure reduction solutions.  Through compliance audits and inspections AEI can identify potential hazards to reduce injuries and lower workman's compensation rates.

We can provide:

Written Programs and Plans

  • Company Health and Safety Manuals
  • Hazard Communication Programs
  • Confined Space Entry Programs
  • Electrical Safety and Lockout/Tagout Programs
  • Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • Personal Protective Equipment Programs
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Programs
  • Chemical Hygiene for Laboratories Programs
  • Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans
  • Perimeter Air Monitoring Plans


  • Hazard Communication
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Electrical Safety and Lockout/Tagout
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Chemical Hygiene for Laboratories
  • Site-Specific Health and Safety Plans Programs
  • 8-hour Refresher Hazardous Waste
  • 8-hour Supervisor Hazardous Waste
  • 24- and 40 hour Hazardous Waste


  • Personnel and Area Exposure Monitoring
  • Noise Surveys and Employee Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring


  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety Audits
  • Mock OSHA Inspections
  • Process Safety Audits
  • Ergonomic Hazard Assessments

Compliance Support

  • Organize your health and safety files for easy tracking of programs and training
  • Compile compliance calendars and schedules
  • Interpret new regulations and compliance initiatives

Please contact us for more information on Industrial Hygiene and Safety Programs and other services.
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