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Brownfield Assessments

Aurora Environmental, Inc. (AEI) provides cost-effective solutions for the recycling of former industrial properties referred to as brownfields. Pennsylvania as well as other states have established uniform clean-up standards (Act 2) that will enable business and industry to clearly identify environmental liabilities. In many states such as Pennsylvania, a release from liability can be obtained from the state when conforming to the Act 2 requirements.

The baseline site assessment is the foundation which is used to evaluate which standard may apply and be the most cost effective. In Pennsylvania, the following standards apply:

  Background: A person or company choosing to clean up a site must document that the concentrations of any contaminants remaining are at a level not related to any release of contaminants at the site.

  Statewide Health Standard: A person or company may choose to clean up a site to a established statewide health standard. Medium Specific Statewide Health Standards have been developed for dozens of compounds and elements.

  Site Specific Health Standard: Cleanup levels can be developed specifically for a site. This approach is a more detailed process that involves developing a risk assessment based on the conditions and human exposure at the site.

Owners, contractors, engineers and lending institutions can all take advantage of the liability protection provided by Pennsylvania's Act 2. Sites must be remediated in accordance with one or a combination of the above listed three environmental standards. Consideration is afforded to Special Industrial Areas that are located in enterprise zones and are eligible for special remediation requirements.

Pennsylvania also has lender liability protection under Act 3 and grant and loan money available to qualifying agencies under Act 4, the Industrial Sites Cleanup Fund. These grant programs can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection home page. See our links to the PADEP.

AEI staff have performed hundreds of site assessments in all types of environments, quantifying various organic and inorganic constituents. Our scientists and engineers can design and implement the cleanups in any of the three standards under the Act 2 Standard and obtain the liability protection afforded in the Act.
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