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Tank Closure and Financial Assistance

Aurora Environmental, Inc. (AEI) has been providing underground storage tank closure services in accordance with state and federal regulations for the past ten years, and have closed several hundred tanks. Tank closure typically includes the removal of remaining product, cleaning of the tank system, sampling of the soil and/or groundwater around the tank, completion of a written closure report, and assistance with obtaining financial assistance.

In the event environmental contamination is present AEI can assist the tank owner with remediation of the property. Pennsylvania like many other states has established remediation cleanup standards for releases from petroleum storage systems, which provide business with definitive cleanup level.

Many states, such as in Pennsylvania (PA) have financial assistance programs to help tank owners. In PA at least four such programs exist for projects related to underground storage tanks. These include:

    • Act 13 (Pump N Plug Program);
    • Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF);
    • Storage Tank Loan Fund; and
    • Underground Storage Tank Heating Oil Cleanup Program

AEI has assisted owners in several financial program areas.

Act 13 (Pump N Plug Program) is grant money available to owners of six tanks or less that can be used for disposal of residual product, and the cleaning of the tank system. Cost associated with filling an underground storage tank during an in place closure are also covered under this program. The grant money is limited to $2,500 per tank. The money is refunded to the tank owner upon completion of all work. AEI has assisted owners with the closure of dozens of tanks for a total grant amount of $60,000 dollars.

The Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund (USTIF)is an insurance program that has been mandatory in Pennsylvania since February of 1994. Any tank owner who has operated an underground storage tank system since this date has paid into USTIF. This fund is to be used for releases from underground storage tank systems after the inception of the fund (February 1, 1994). Any owner who can document a release after the effective date of the fund, is eligible to make a claim to the fund for corrective action (remediation) at that location.

The owner is obligated to meet a $5,000.00 deductible (per tank) after which all remediation costs are covered by the fund. Owners can even have their remediation contractors bill the fund directly for the services rendered. Owners who can not document that the release occurred after the fund inception, are still encouraged to file a claim and submit whatever documentation has been maintained by the owner, or your fuel supplier.

AEI is currently assisting several customers with the site characterization, remediation and attainment demonstration from funds administered by USTIF.

The Storage Tank Loan Fund, is a program for owners and operators of underground storage tanks to upgrade their systems using low interest loan money from Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These monies can be used for the upgrading, and/or removal and installation of new equipment at an existing facility. The Storage Tank Loan Fund cannot be used for site closure only, or  refinancing.

The Underground Storage Tank Heating Oil Cleanup Programis available to tank owners with a capacity of 3,000 gallons or less used to store heating oil for consumption on the premises where stored, to assist with corrective action (cleanup) in response to a release. The release must have occurred after January 30, 1998. The reimbursement is limited to actual costs of the corrective action or $4,000 whichever is less. A $1,000 deductible does apply to the corrective action.

Provided on our home page  is a link to the PADEP web site that offers these financial assistance programs. Owners are also encouraged to check with their local community and economic development groups, chamber of commerce, or business district groups for additional grant and/or low interest loan monies. Please don't hesitate to contact AEI regarding these or other programs and/or technical or administrative questions regarding the Underground Storage Tank Program in Pennsylvania.
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